February 13 2021 COVID-19 report

We are focusing on key aspects of the vaccine rollout that are essential to its success. These include: the need for transparent and detailed plans for the massive immunization campaign commencing in March; the need to engage public health and community providers as pillars of the rollout; the importance of giving priority to elderly Ontarians who are most likely to die from COVID‐19; and targeted efforts to vaccinate vulnerable populations that otherwise may be inoculated last, or not at all. We also urge you to ensure the vaccine rollout does not distract us from the life‐and‐death public health measures that must continue if we are to preempt a catastrophic third wave driven by new variants.

Use community care providers to ramp up vaccinations!

Ontario’s vaccination roll-out has stumbled out of the gate. Please take a moment to set things right. Join us in urging Premier Doug Ford to start Phase 2 of the roll-out by putting vaccinations into the hands of the thousands of nurses, physicians and pharmacists working in community care across this province. By making use of existing community care providers and their existing infrastructure, the vaccination roll-out can be accelerated across Ontario.

RNAO’s continuing media profile: The January report

We’ve begun a new year with even more determination to address the challenges brought forward by the relentless COVID-19 virus. RNAO continues its central role in the media, speaking about key issues and continuing our advocacy efforts to mobilize change and help bring an end to this pandemic. This is a summary of our January interventions.

February 6 2021 COVID-19 report

Just over one year ago, on January 25, 2020, the first COVID-19 case in Canada was reported. It has been a hard year for all Canadians, but especially for residents in long term care, their loved ones, and their nursing and support care staff. They have had no relief from suffering and hardship for a full year! Also, heart-wrenching have been the experiences and death for persons in ICU, away from their loved ones. We salute the heroic work of RNs, NPs, physicians, RTs and others who in these settings have tried so hard to save lives and sustain humanity under the most difficult circumstances. Indeed, health professionals in all sectors have and continue to give it their all – and remain dedicated to providing care despite the unimaginable challenges.