Thank you notes


Dear colleagues,

Thanks so much to all who wrote to express appreciation for the work with our blog. We are thrilled with your support and promise to remain connected!

See below some of the responses.

With warmest wishes!


Thank you, Doris, for your untiring and excellent work of behalf of RNAO and citizens of Ontario

Brenda Hutton

To Doris:

Thank you for the time and dedication you have given in support of our Nursing Profession over the past years!

You continue to inspire, advocate and speak out on behalf of Nurses Globally.

Please know how much you are appreciated and admired,

Take care of you!

Elaine Hartwell

Dear Doris and everyone at RNAO,

I want to say thank you for keeping us updated on everything that is about nursing and how the pandemic has affected not only nursing. You have shed light on a number of issues that needed advocacy through your blog.

You’ve opened our eyes and made us more aware. Your blog and updates have helped us make informed decisions not only about our health but on how we can advocate and guide our actions to advocate for the most vulnerable especially when it comes to health. You’ve shown us that every voice matters and every small action collectively can lead to change.

Looking forward to what is next. Kind regards to everyone in RNAO. I miss you all so much and I hope to get the chance to say hi to you in person soon.

From halfway across the world but always near in spirit,

Arlene Acallar Masaba

Thank you Dr. Grinspun for your tireless efforts in fighting for nursing and the healthcare system. I hope this frees up more moments for you to relax.

Claudette Holloway

Dear Doris,

I hope that this email finds its way to you.

While I was sad to see that you were ending your COVID blog, I knew that it wouldn't/couldn't go on forever. Hopefully, it's a good thing to see it evolve into another format because it means that either COVID is finally on the wane and/or we are finding ways to live safely in its ongoing presence.

I do have to say a very big, heartfelt thanks to you, as the face of RNAO, and to all of the staff at Home Office who have worked so hard for the last two years to keep us informed with the best available evidence and supported nurses across the province as we have worked through a very challenging time. I looked for comments in the media from RNAO and found them frequently. My beloved profession was presented in the very best light and I knew that RNAO was there for us. RNAO spoke out loud and clear on behalf of nurses and advocated for the very best health care for the citizens of Ontario. I was, and continue to be, very proud to be a registered nurse and member of this organization.

With sincere thanks,

Elizabeth Edwards

Many thanks, Doris, for your Covid blog updates.  I shall miss them.

Nancy BP

Hi Doris

Thanks for guiding many, many people through more than 2 years of an intense life experience. While some of us did not experience the deepest depths of the pandemic, our members, including you, did have a profound experience.

While I did not read every single blog post, I know that many took guidance and comfort in it, right from the beginning.

Congratulations does not seem like the right word, but thanks for putting it all out there!

Nancy Campbell, Chief Financial Officer, RNAO

Thank you team RNAO for helping us all navigate a very frightening pandemic. The reassurance you provided through reliable up to date information made all the difference. It was obvious your support staff and the incomparable Doris Grinspun worked unceasingly on behalf of nurses everywhere, ever diligent with your finger on the pulse. The nurses felt you had their back, the retired nurses passed on the information to the workers. It was teamwork at its best.

I have to admit I wasn't a strong supporter of RNAO when I was working as a nurse. Life was just too busy to take on anymore. I am trying to make up for that by advocating on your behalf at every opportunity. RNAO is a treasure all nurses need, some just don't know what they are missing!


[signed: retired RNAO member]

I just wanted to thank Doris for her incredible blog, and her amazing leadership! 👏

[signed: RNAO member]

[Translated from Spanish]

Regards - Thank you very much for keeping us informed with the Covid 19 blog, it allowed us to learn seriously and with scientific evidence about the covid 19 process and the actions carried out, thank you very much Dra Doris and collaborators

With love,

Olga Lucía Gómez Díaz