Statement – RNAO stands together with our Black sisters and brothers

Colleagues, on Tuesday I wrote that I can’t let go of the image of George Floyd gasping for air and pleading for his life – “I can’t breathe.” And as I said, that image evokes the immense brutality, insanity and terror brought about by anti-Black racism and all forms of systemic racism in our midst. RNAO released a statement that I am reproducing in full below. I am also encouraging our readers to take action and vocally speak this weekend, and always, against anti-Black racism and all forms of hate, discrimination, prejudice and violence.

End racism and prejudice

Thank you to RNAO member Annette Wai-Ping for writing. Racism and prejudice are scourges and we must constantly educate and speak out against such awful injustice. Please know RNAO will continue to do all we can to help put a stop to discrimination.