Providing compassionate nursing care in an age of artificial intelligence

According to a recent Ipsos poll, more Canadians are envisioning a health-care system with health technologies powered by artificial intelligence such as predictive analytics and robotics. To shed light on virtual care delivery models in Canada, RNAO along with AMS Healthcare prepared a report and hosted a virtual pan-Canadian symposium on Oct. 21 to bring together nurses and other stakeholders to critically reflect and discuss this important topic.

Technology as a solution: Opportunities and pitfalls of COVID contact-tracing apps

One of the most worrisome aspects of the current opening of the economy and increased mobility is that we have not developed sufficiently the infrastructure for surveillance, identification of clusters, containment, testing, case and contact tracing and isolating. Today, I explore one tool being used in many jurisdictions to help with contact tracing -- smartphone apps.

Addressing differential access to virtual care due to technology inequities – Please help 

The North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team BPSO OHT has collectively identified issues related to inequitable access to basic technology during the pandemic. Clients who do not have cell phones or computers, or cannot purchase enough data on their devices for a virtual appointment, are not able to continue their care and this increases their health risk.