Support for long-term care, testing, case and contact tracing, and self-isolation


Albeit late in coming, RNAO welcomes greatly the new directions from government regarding reliable provision of PPE to long-term care facilities, universal masking, employment of staff in one facility, and strong support for facilities undergoing an outbreak. We hope the plans for increased testing, contact tracing and isolation will materialize across the province as the record so far on contact tracing, even when testing has occurred, has been uneven. Many lives have been lost among our elders, and in the go forward many lives can and must be saved. RNAO raised the need for universal masking on March 22. In the days that followed, we continued to present recommendations and calls for action in the long-term care sector (see my daily reports here – go to the bottom of the page). We are glad government is addressing a number of RNAO’s recommendations (see here and here and here and here).