RNAO continues to pursue family reunification in LTC

RNAO held a webinar on July 6 on Reuniting families and residents in LTC: What will it take? We heard from family members and discussed their urgent call to allow them to be with their loved ones. We also shared RNAO’s work on ECCO 3.0Bill 175 and the Nursing Home Basic Care Guarantee. You can watch the webinar here.

Liz Braun was one of the journalists attending the webinar and who wrote about it. She mentions that during the webinar, family members spoke of the experiences they’ve had trying to get back into nursing homes to tend to family members. The stories are heart-rending, disturbing and often infuriating. After four months of being deprived of family company, many residents are declining rapidly health-wise.

RNAO will continue to speak out and push Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health to issue a clear and immediate directive that will require LTC homes to allow family members to be with their loved ones. You can hear my interview with Zoomer radio here. RNAO will issue a position statement on family reunification next week – stay tuned!

RNAO is also continuing to pressure the government to act by July 31 to implement the Nursing Home Basic Care Guarantee. Please add urgently your signature demanding that the government act to provide proper staffing in LTC! Please sign here.