Plans for gradual re-opening of the economy

RNAO wants to stress the critical importance of engaging those plans in a responsible and cautious way. If we move to open the economy too fast we risk a second surge that would overwhelm the health care system. In such a case, not only we would lose many lives that can be saved, but also the economy would get a double hit by having to go back to a full lockdown. THANKS deeply to the consistent communications from both Premier Ford (go to paragraph 12) and Prime Minister Trudeau (go to min. 46), both rejecting the call for a quick opening and resisting the pressures to ease the restrictions too early. RNAO urges Ontario’s Command Table and Public Health Ontario (PHO) to share their plans and engage consultation before any restrictions are eased. Here is a remarkable, model-focused risk communication from German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, which lays out that concern in a crystal-clear fashion: