Nurses urge Canadians to vote for a government that will guide the country through the pandemic and oversee a healthy recovery

RNAO sent a questionnaire to each of the major political parties running candidates for their input on RNAO’s 11 recommendations in our policy platform. We received responses from each of the four major parties: the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party, and the Green Party of Canada. You can read the responses under each of the four areas of our platform. We invite you to go through each topic area so you can inform yourself.

Here is the media release from RNAO on Sept. 15:

As the federal election campaign enters its final days, Ontario’s registered nurses (RN), nurse practitioners (NP) and nursing students are calling on all eligible Canadians to cast an informed vote.

Polls show the race is tightly contested with the major parties jockeying for position as the Sept. 20 election approaches. To help people make a choice that reflects the federal government’s key role in shaping health and health-care policy, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) is asking voters to review its policy platform, released Aug. 20. Political party responses to a questionnaire based on RNAO’s 11 recommendations – focused on better access to health care, social determinants of health, environmental determinants of health and fiscal capacity – are also available to read online. RNAO sent the questionnaire to each of the major parties.

“The next federal government has to hit the ground running. COVID-19 is not over and we must continue to tackle it to prevent death and suffering. At the same time, the pandemic has revealed deep cracks in our country. It has exposed inequities among Canadians and laid bare the challenges of populations that remain vulnerable, including those who live in long-term care homes, Indigenous communities, and those struggling with opioid addiction. Our climate is also at stake – now more than ever – as evidenced by the weather we have witnessed this summer. All of these are priorities we have highlighted in our platform,” says Dr. Doris Grinspun, RNAO’s CEO. “The pandemic requires strong leadership to guide the country and Canadians through the weeks and months to come.”

“Health care may be administered by the provinces, but keeping Canadians healthy is something that requires leadership at the federal level, a deep understanding of the factors that affect one’s health and a commitment to close devastating societal gaps,” says RNAO President Morgan Hoffarth, adding an increase in health transfer funding to the provinces and territories as well as national standards for long-term care are core elements of RNAO’s platform. “It is so important that votes are cast based on the evidence and careful consideration of each party’s election promises and the challenges ahead of us.”

RNAO encourages Canadians to check for information on where they can vote in their communities.