Nurses gather in Toronto to rally: Recap of #RepealBill124 rally and next steps

On Nov. 14, we took action and spoke up against Bill 124 – legislation that limits wage increases to one per cent and is a disgrace to nurses and other public sector workers.

Organized by Nursewithsign416 (@NurseWithSign on Twitter), RNAO CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun, President Morgan Hoffarth, President-Elect Claudette Holloway, Board members Debra Lefebvre (region 9), Anita Tsang-Sit (region 4), co-chair Black Nurses Task Force Corsita Garraway, as well as numerous RNAO members and other public sector workers, participated in the rally to #RepealBill124. 

Despite nurses’ tireless efforts to care for Ontarians over the past 22 Covid-19 months, nurses’ incomes are not keeping up with the cost of living. The lack of respect implied in Bill 124 is triggering many RNs to leave Ontario. Bill 124 must be repealed as an immediate first step for RN retention in the province.

“We are not heroes, we are health professionals and we deserve respect,” I said to media during the rally. Watch my full remarks on Twitter. We also announced that nurses are giving Premier Ford 30 days to repeal Bill 124, with the countdown beginning at the rally.  

It was a cold and rainy day, but nurses, nursing students and supporters gathered in Nathan Phillips Square to express outrage towards Bill 124 and to call on Premier Doug Ford to immediately repeal it. Many rally-goers held up signs, including ones that read:

  • “Nurses are the backbone of health care. Abolish Bill 124.”
  • “Senior RNs are leaving the profession. Who will be skilled enough to care for you when you are sick?”
  • “Honk for better pay for nurses”
  • “I’m worth more than 1%”
  • “If you call us heroes, pay us like one”
  • “No nurses = no health care”

Thank you to everyone who participated in this rally. Please continue to speak out about why Premier Ford must immediately act, using these hashtags #RepealBill124. #StandingWithNurses

See the Toronto Star Editorial: Please RT. Links to the extensive media coverage are here.

For more details about the rally, read RNAO’s media advisory and watch RNAO's public service announcement as well as the Small Talk episode. Please RT.

Sign and share RNAO's Action Alert: Repeal Bill 124, premier!