A message as we begin 2022 amid a fifth wave

As we begin a new year, 2022, amid another very challenging wave – the fifth one -- I want to thank each health care worker for the work you do. Our nursing colleagues are stretched beyond imagination with unattainable workloads and an unjust Bill 124 undermining their unparalleled contribution to Ontario’s health-care system. Please know that RNAO will stand by you, with you and for you until this government acts!

January 12 2022 COVID-19 report

Welcome to my Wednesday, January 12 blog. Read my message as we begin 2022 amid a fifth wave. This week we share: 1) A health system on the verge of total collapse – RNAO’s open letter to Premier Doug Ford; 2) RNAO’s continuing media profile for December 2021; and 3) Canada’s failure to respond with foresight when it comes to COVID-19. Scroll down for several upcoming RNAO webinars in January.