October 10 2021 COVID-19 report

Welcome to our Sunday, October 10 report. Today we share: (1) Our best wishes for Thanksgiving; (2) a renewed urgent call to sign the Action Alert to our prime minister to stop the federal government’s court battle with First Nations children; (3) a media release calling for mandatory vaccination for all health-care and education workers and for safe zones to protect patients, students and workers; (4) an article on the inherent racism of the anti-vaxx movement; and (5) RNAO launches new, evidence-based online implementation toolkit to lead change in partnership with Healthcare Excellence Canada. Scroll down for policy updates and action alerts, as well as RNAO’s upcoming webinars.

Accelerating knowledge uptake and sustainability – learning from the Leading Change Toolkit™

RNAO, in collaboration with Healthcare Excellence Canada, are excited to launch the new online Leading Change Toolkit. The toolkit is designed for change agents and change teams whose goal is to create lasting improvement with the uptake and sustainability of knowledge, like best practice guidelines (BPG).

The spring/summer issue of RNJ is here

A Q&A with Former Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco, a recap of RNAO’s 96th Annual General Meeting, the impact of being an RNAO member by President Morgan Hoffarth, our CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun's reflections on the evolution of our profession during COVID-19, and a profile on Aaliyah Hoo Kim-Baker, an RN who’s bringing a voice to marginalized populations. These are only a few of the many captivating stories in the latest issue of RNJ.

RNAO commends move to mandate vaccination for long-term care staff and urges the same for all other health and education sectors

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) commends and fully supports Minister of Long-Term Care (LTC) Rod Phillips’s announcement on mandatory vaccination for all in-home staff, support workers, students and volunteers in LTC, effective Nov. 15. As RNAO has publicly stated many times, this is a necessary action that will further protect LTC residents and staff from COVID-19 infection caused by unvaccinated health-care workers.

Action Alert – Stop fighting First Nation children in court: Concrete action on Truth & Reconciliation

On Sept. 29, 2021 the Federal Court dismissed an appeal by the federal government for a judicial review of landmark human rights tribunal decisions that ordered compensation and determined service eligibility for First Nation children and their families. Join us! Demand that the prime minister stop the federal government’s long- standing court battle with First Nation children and compensate them for the effects of inadequate and discriminatory funding.

October 3 2021 COVID-19 report

Welcome to our Sunday, October 3 report. Today we share: (1) RNAO celebrates the ruling on compensation for First Nation children and issues an action alert urging the federal government to stop fighting them in court; (2) RNAO commends the move to mandate vaccination for long-term care staff and asks for more; (3) the spring/summer issue of RNJ is here; (4) RNAO’s media report for September 2021; and (5) an invitation to join us this coming Tuesday – from anywhere in the world – for the launch of the Leading Change Toolkit which will revolutionize the way you lead change. In addition, scroll down for policy updates and action alerts, as well as RNAO’s upcoming webinars.