Watch a webinar on vaccine hesitancy and effective vaccine communication

RNAO holds its Health System Transformation and COVID-19 Webinar series every month to support health providers from Ontario, Canada and anywhere around the world. They are free and open to any health provider. For information on the series and on earlier webinars, go here.

The COVID-19 vaccine will change the course of this pandemic. As millions of people are getting immunized, how can we as health-care workers become champions for this vaccine, and feel empowered to communicate about it with our patients, colleagues, family and friends? To this end we organized on Feb. 8, a webinar on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and effective communication.

We had an absolutely outstanding speaker and over 550 participants. I share here the sentiment of many who wrote in the webinar chat: “I could listen for hours to Dr. Cora Constantinescu, pediatric infectious disease specialist.” The session on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and effective communication lasted two hours. I strongly encourage you to watch here.

The webinar objectives were:

  • appreciate the extent of vaccine hesitancy around the COVID-19 vaccine and some of the reasons for this phenomenon,
  • understand how Canada measures up globally and at home; and
  • apply a communication framework to hold a vaccine hesitancy conversation around COVID-19 vaccine.

You can watch the webinar here.