Support Zimbabwean nurses arrested and fired for protesting deteriorating pay and working conditions during pandemic

Dr. Denise Gestaldo has brought to our attention the struggle of Zimbabwean nurses. On 6 July, the Zimbabwean government arrested 13 nurses at the Harare hospital. They were protesting their deteriorating pay and working conditions. Those nurses have since been released on bail -- but have been dismissed from their jobs. With the inflation rate hovering around 1000%, the cost of living has risen so rapidly that public sector salaries are now almost worthless.

The Zimbabwean Nurses Association (ZINA) is calling for an upward salary review and outstanding COVID-19 allowances, as well as adequate provision of personal protective equipment (PPE). But the government announced that it would not be engaging in any form of collective bargaining for the next three months. ZINA president Enock Dongo reacts to nurses arrests in a video here.

RNAO urges each reader to support the nurses of Zimbabwe in demanding that the government cease intimidating and harassing health care workers and instead listen to their legitimate demands and concerns.

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