RNAO celebrates Black History Month 2021

February marks Black History Month – a month dedicated to honouring our Black sisters and brothers, their past and the steps toward allyship.

RNAO recognizes the continued importance of sharing Black stories and perspectives, encouraged by and eager to contribute to the invigorated movement to end anti-Black racism and discrimination. In the past year, RNAO launched a task force dedicated to tackling anti-Black racism within the nursing profession, as well as an internal task force to ensure the association practices protect applicants and staff from discrimination and racism, and advance inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of our work.

During Black History Month, RNAO has been celebrating with leaders in our community and we invite you to see a few of their messages here. We have also taken the opportunity to update the nursing community on the work of its Black Nurses Task Force.

To read more, link to resources and watch videos, please go to RNAO’s Black History Month page here.