Repeal Bill 124 – RNAO asks for pledge of support from Members of the Provincial Parliament

Ontario is in a nursing human resource crisis that has been made worse by Bill 124 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses are leaving their workplaces and at times the province or the profession altogether. This has a direct impact on patient safety and the effectiveness of Ontario’s health system.

RNAO issued a call on December 7 to all Ontario MPPs: #StandWithNurses by demanding Bill 124 be repealed. A letter sent the same day asked MPPs to sign a pledge stating: "I (full name), MPP for (name of riding), call for the repeal of Bill 124 to support nurses in Ontario."

As of now, ALL MPPs from the three opposition parties have signed the pledge. None from the PC Party and none of the independent MPPs have signed. You can see the signatories here.