Ontario government announces second dose vaccination for high-risk healthcare workers in response to RNAO’s call

As I reported in this blog last week, RNAO issued a media release on May 7 on the immediate need for nurses to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. RNAO said the risks posed in hospital ICUs and other critical care units, emergency departments, operating rooms and other settings are too great and the lives of nurses needed to sustain a fragile health system battling COVID-19 must be fully protected. RNAO says the government must ensure all nurses – starting with those working with COVID-19 patients – are immediately vaccinated with both COVID-19 doses.

I am pleased to share that our advocacy on behalf of nurses and other healthcare providers – especially those working on critical areas and in home care – brought results with the government’s announcement this week. The Ontario government responded on May 10 announcing that high-risk health care workers are being added to the list of those eligible to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine earlier. Eligibility for booking began this week. Many of our colleagues have shared that, indeed, they have been already booked, with some having received the second shot yesterday.