Join the rally for climate emergency action today Saturday at Queen’s Park, 1:00 pm

Today, Saturday, November 6th, to coincide with the ongoing climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, RNAO is attending the Toronto Global Day of Action for Climate Justice from 1pm to 3pm on the south lawn of Queen’s Park. Come join me under the RNAO banner. Check details here.

What’s at stake? Greenhouse gas emissions, generated by human activity, are driving climate change and have brought us to the brink of a global environmental and humanitarian crisis. The fight against climate change demands urgent and sustained action from leaders of all levels of government around the world, including our own. We must recognize we are facing a climate emergency.

Join us! Demand that Canada’s representatives at the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) currently being held in Glasgow, Scotland lead the fight against climate change and for a sustainable future for this planet and all living creatures who share it.

We must accelerate our efforts to arrest climate change. COP26 follows on the heels of a sobering report from the United Nations. The world is squandering the opportunity to “build back better” from the COVID-19 pandemic, and faces disastrous temperature rises of at least 2.7C if countries fail to strengthen their climate pledges, it warns. Although more than 100 countries have promised to reach net zero emissions around mid-century, this would not be enough to stave off climate disaster, according to the UN report. Much more aggressive and urgent action is required.

António Guterres, the UN secretary-general, said: “The heat is on, and as the contents of this report show, the leadership we need is off. Far off. Countries are squandering a massive opportunity to invest COVID-19 fiscal and recovery resources in sustainable, cost-saving, planet-saving ways.”

Join us! Demand that Canada’s leaders – at all levels and in all places – be at the forefront of the global fight for our planet and our future!

We will be raising our voices together pushing the Canadian government and world leaders to stop stonewalling and take real action now for climate justice. Our rally will include Indigenous land defenders, climate justice, social justice and labour activists, Indigenous drummers, dancers and actions that all those in attendance can participate in. Our demands are: respect Indigenous sovereignty; phase out fossil fuels; a just transition for communities and workers, and global justice.

Again, check details here. Sign the Action Alert here.