Honouring Black History Month 2022

RNAO recognizes the continued importance of sharing stories and perspectives from the Black community and is celebrating Black History Month in February. 

This past year, RNAO has remained dedicated to its advocacy and work to bring awareness to and end anti-Black racism and discrimination, especially in the nursing profession. In partnership with its members, RNAO has made progress in addressing the systemic racism within nursing, as well as all health-care sectors and academic settings. 

Black Nurses Task Force

Members of RNAO’s Black Nurses Task Force met regularly in 2021 and hosted their webinar series: Let’s Talk about Anti-Black Racism and Discrimination in Nursing

In January, the Black Nurses Task Force published two peer-reviewed articles in Nursing Inquiry’s special issue on anti-racism: Black nurses in action: A social movement to end racism and discrimination and Tackling discrimination and systemic racism in academic and workplace settings. RNAO shared the news on Twitter

To commemorate Black History Month, the Black Nurses Task Force will be releasing their full report on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022 at xx xx pm. We invite you to attend by registering here.

Black Nurses Leading Change (BNLC) interest group

RNAO recently introduced its BNLC interest group to support the work of the Black Nurses Task Force and continue to inform RNAO on issues affecting Black nurses and nursing students. The group has begun meeting virtually. As a reminder, please visit MyRNAO To become a member of the BNLC interest group.

In focus: Black nurses and RNAO

To highlight how RNAO is taking action in partnership with its Black members, colleagues and their allies to mobilize change, RNAO published its “Black nurses and RNAO” in focus webpage. 

RNAO is committed to celebrating the accomplishments of Black nurses, as well as highlighting the work of its Black Nurses Task Force and BNLC interest group members. Explore and share RNAO’s in focus webpage and stay tuned for updates on its advocacy and action.

You’re invited to join RNAO in honouring Black History Month: share a message on Twitter using #BlackHistoryMonth and tag @RNAO.