Preparing for the second wave of COVID-19: Discussion

Last week I posted RNAO’s thoughts on preparing for upcoming waves of COVID-19. RNAO has argued since January that we must prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We raised 15 lines of action, many of them interrelated, as part of that required preparation. Keep sending us your feedback, as it is very important and much appreciated! Here we discuss the flu vaccine, masks and schools, batch testing, and harmful disinformation.

July 31 2020 COVID-19 report

RNAO says the long-term care (LTC) staffing study released by the government today highlights deficiencies known for decades, and underlines an LTC sector that has been neglected by government after government, resulting in severe underfunding and understaffing.

July 24 2020 COVID-19 report

Let me begin by repeating what I have begged government at all levels since January, and in particular from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health David Williams: We must prepare for the worst and hope for the best. During the first wave of COVID-19 in Ontario, we had it backwards – we hoped for the best, but engaged action late and at a slow pace, thus ending in the middle of the pack.

Preparing for the second wave of COVID-19: What is the plan?

This is a question I have often asked from government officials. Following recent consultations, we are told a plan is on its way, soon to be released. The problem is, the full trust that nurses had at the outset of the first wave of COVID-19 was eroded by the anguish we, and other stakeholders, experienced as we moved for months at a snail’s pace to respond to emerging needs. This is why, as the CEO of the largest professional association in Ontario, and as an engaged leader, I feel it is my responsibility to share our thoughts and invite feedback.

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July 17 2020 COVID-19 report

RNAO urges the Ontario government to immediately direct all nursing homes in Ontario to reunite residents with their loved ones, including those in nursing homes experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak. RNAO’s call is driven by the need to address a basic human right, and also to provide the foundational person- and family-centred care that is critical to quality of life for LTC residents and their families.