End racism and prejudice

RNAO member Annette Wai-Ping writes:

Thank you for sharing this story of Samantha Mac Neil. In one of your emails you indicated ‘Thank you’ is not enough but as an agency nurse and a visible minority I wish I could do the things Samantha does. I applied to various nursing homes, but there was no response. As an agency nurse, for years, I have been subjected to various kinds of abuse but the safety and the well-being [of residents] always remained my priority. Many nurse managers are surprised that I could handle their most difficult cases, and it is not because I know nothing, it is because I dared to care.

Something most people who are not visible minorities would ever understand, even though I have lived in Toronto for more than 50 years – went to public school in Toronto, served the Naval Reserves etc., but that is not enough. People ask me "do you go home?" I respond, "...yes, every night ..." – Toronto has been my home since I was a child. People demand to know if I got educated from home and I respond yes, I received my BScN from the U of T, and then I am told I am not as progressive as "their" people...  Canada is the only home I know and Tommy Douglas, the father of our health care system, is my hero. Take care and be safe.

Annette Wai-Ping, RN, BScN

RNAO’s response: Thank you for reaching out to us, Annette. Racism and prejudice are scourges and we must constantly educate and speak out against such awful injustice. I am very sorry for the pain and harm it inflicts on you and others. Please know RNAO will continue to do all we can to help put a stop to discrimination. Thanks very much for allowing us to share. Doris